Real Estate PPM Templates

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Upfront costs to raise capital can get expensive. These upfront costs can become painful if your deal doesn’t get done. If you don’t raise the funds you’re looking for, your attorney is still looking to get paid.

Our sister site TransCapital Pro has saved corporate transaction sponsors hundreds of thousands of dollars by offering Private Placement Memorandum templates to raise debt and equity.
And now we’re helping the real estate industry by offering private placement templates for real estate professionals seeking to raise capital for a Real Estate Fund, a Distressed Real Estate Fund, Single-Asset Real Estate Transaction, Real Estate Debt Fund, or Single-Asset Note Offering.

Provided to you in Microsoft Word, your template is easy to edit and modify to fit your particular needs and investment theme.

Once you finalize your draft (several clients have been able to kick out a memorandum in one drafting session), I suggest you still have your attorney review it and sign off. Of course now you’ll be using your attorney efficiently, and you’ll be saving a ton of money.

Real Estate Fund

This Real Estate Fund Private Placement is specific for fund sponsors seeking to raise an investment fund, or blind pool fund, for real estate investments. This fund template is completely flexible and can be used for any type of property or transaction type.

Distressed Real Estate Fund

Distressed Real Estate Fund Private Placement has language that specifically addresses investing in distressed and undervalued real estate. This PPM Fund Template can accommodate outright purchases of property, or the purchase or origination of debt obligations on distressed property.

Single Asset / One-Off Real Estate Deals

The Single Asset PPM template comes in two flavors, depending on how you structure your vehicle: one for a Real Estate Limited Partnership, and one for a Real Estate Limited Liability Company, or “LLC.” This template is written for those situation where a specific investment property is identified and your prospective investors get to make their investment decision based on that specific investment. This is in contrast to an investment fund where the prospective investors are signing off on the experience of the Manager and the investment criteria and objectives of the Fund.

Real Estate Debt Fund

The Real Estate Debt Fund is for sponsors that are seeking to lend money into real estate deals. The fund structure allows you to pool money from your investors, giving you a pool of capital to lend into your borrower’s transactions.

Your investors get the benefit of a current return, a high yield, and a diversified portfolio of first or second lien mortgages.

Note Offering

The Single Asset Note Offering is for sponsors that are seeking to raise mortgage money from investors for a stand-alone real estate transaction. If you don’t want to mess with the process of getting a mortgage loan through your local bank, tap the private investor market.

Your investor gets the comfort of having a first or second lien security interest in your property and a current return (which is probably higher than they’re getting on their passbook).

Note that this PPM contemplates that your investment vehicle is an LLC.

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