Commercial Real Estate Financing for Business Growth

Commercial property loans are used by many sectors of the business world to finance future investments and expansion efforts to grow a business. With the recent collapse of the U.S. sub-prime mortgage market, credit is increasingly difficult for consumers to come by. Lenders are reducing their exposure to high-risk ventures. Lingering uncertainty about the credit … Read more

Commercial Real Estate Financing With Interest Rates UNDER 6 Percent

Commercial Real Estate Financing with Interest Rates UNDER 6.00% The real estate market has suffered recently due to the sub prime debacle. Banks and other lending institutions were lending money to borrowers who were overextended with little verification or due diligence. While these borrowers are walking away from their properties, the responsible people who are … Read more

Commercial Real Estate Financing

Commercial real estate financing can be a complicated matter, but it doesn’t have to be so long as the borrower does enough research beforehand. Sources for this type of financing include saving and loan institutions, mortgage banking firms, insurance companies, regional banks and private investors. The terms for commercial real estate financing depend upon many … Read more