“I was apprehensive of the price. I did a bit of research on direct offerings and PPMs this included speaking with lawyers, business promoters and writers of PPMs. The quotes I received ranged from $7,000 on up to about $20,000. So, with that information on the pricing for PPMs when I stumbled on your website and I saw your price I was a bit skeptical. I figured it would not be complete or I would have to do a lot more work on my own to complete the offering for the advertised price on your website.

What I found was that It is very well organized and the format is as simple as plug and play, with instructions written in plain English. My group was able to meet and in one setting we were able to create the terms of the offering quick, simple and precise. I am glad we did not spend thousands of dollars. We had a great business plan written so we were able to cut and paste the information right into the PPM and term sheet. The article regarding term sheet was a big help with focusing our efforts.”

Richard Burnett, Thousand Oaks, CA

“Because of my uncertainty about buying something from someone I had not used before, I was concerned about the time and aggravation if it did not work out. After speaking with you personally I was much reassured; that was clearly the difference for me. Our group was able to use the basic framework to build a PPM efficiently and in a relatively short period of time – it did the job we needed. Using your PPM template was both time and cost effective; it proved to be a good roadmap for the relatively extensive information which needed to be compiled. While our project was not particularly complicated, your framework gave us what we needed and would have provided more if required.

Without a doubt, the greatest benefit was your willingness to be available on short notice and to respond to questions that arose. Your personal service was tremendous!”

Scott Barksdale, Leawood, KS

“My biggest concern when buying anything online, is legitimacy – legitimacy of the product. After speaking with you, however, I felt comfortable moving forward with purchasing the template.

This was my first time working through the process of creating a Private Placement Memorandum. As a result, I had many questions. The line-by-line instructions were extremely beneficial. The instructions made it easier to modify the template to fit my business situation.

I found that the template was professionally done. Before I purchased this product, I had come across a number of templates that were too generic in their approach. After reviewing the first couple of pages of this template, I immediately realized that this PPM was the real deal. I knew the author had invested a significant amount of time and money to develop this product. This template is so well-written and formatted in a such a way that potential investors have to take you seriously when reviewing the PPM.

I will significantly reduce the amount of money I have to spend on attorney fees by presenting them with a well-structured and well-written PPM. [Additionally], I will be able to use this template for future ventures and I have the confidence that it will be just as effective.

I would totally recommend this product. As I mentioned before, prior to purchasing this product, I had come across a number of templates that were too generic in their approach. This product is so well-written and formatted in a such a way that potential investors have to take you seriously when reviewing the PPM.

The customer service you provide exceeds expectations by a mile. One of the best customer service experiences I’ve had. Thank you.”

Jimmy Jaimes, Dallas, TX

“I wondered whether the PPM would be current in light of the Financial Reform and Wall Street reform act passed in July of 2010. It is obvious that staying in compliance is almost impossible when bills are passed and enforced, before their writing is completed. I needed not just to ‘do it yourself’ but a live person who is an expert in the PPM arena available for questions.

What I found is the format is an easy to follow, fill in the blanks presentation of what is necessary and regulatory without the confusing nomenclature.

Seeing [that] I had a firm grip of what I needed to accomplish, the PPM flowed well into what I had envisioned. It was a good fit for what I needed.

Other benefits would include, but not limited to, all inclusiveness of the forms. I didn’t have to wonder if I was missing something, or maybe there was a form that I needed because of a special or unique situation. The package was complete and useful from day one.

I would recommend this product to other people because of the growing demand for the private Citizen to take charge of their financial future without dependency upon the ‘old guard’ with their high prices and condescending dispositions.”

Stephen Eichler, Santa Ana, CA