Look for Reliable Provider of Commercial Real Estate Financing

Many financial institutions continue to rely on commercial finance as a profitable service area despite a recent slump in residential sales. Commercial real estate loans are seen as a safer investment for companies with large capital reserves. The commercial market is growing even as single family homes sales are plummeting.

To better understand how commercial real estate loans work, it is important to differentiate between commercial financing and residential financing. Residential financing deals with single family homes or small apartment houses with between 2 and 4 units, with loans being usually under several hundred thousand dollars. Commercial real estate loans and financing covers much larger amounts of money and can include office buildings and condominium complexes.

Although a bank or investment company may be putting more money into an investment, commercial lending is seen as a safe investment. The criteria for loans are very stringent, with borrowing companies required to provide sufficient collateral and accountant verified assets and income statements. This allows the lender to make a informed decision on a borrower’s credit worthiness.

Commercial lending has additional benefits in that there is a greater range of products and opportunities available. Though the housing market tends to be cyclical, many commercial projects will take place even during market down times. Residential growth that has already taken place will continue to fuel further commercial business construction even when residential housing is on a slow down. Thus, commercial real estate loans are a desirable product for all lending institutions.

Since residential loans are smaller, there are naturally more institutions able to compete in the market. But commercial products usually mean very large amounts of money, so many small institutions can’t keep up. This shrinks the number of competitors and means less competition in the market, and a better deal for you. Stockholders and management can benefit from taking advantage of this natural working of capitalism.

As with any investment, there is risk of loss of capital. A project could suffer damage or a company might not make good on payment once the project is complete. But with adequate insurance and a careful examination of financial records, large banks and lending institutions can profit from commercial real estate loans. This is beneficial for the lending institution, the expanding business and the economy at large.

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