Why You Need Professional Help When Buying a House

Buying your house is perhaps the biggest financial investment that you will make in your lifetime. The time and effort that need to be spent in searching for the right property and then going through all the
legalities and lengthy paperwork to buy it, are by no means trivial. But the
joy of having your own house makes it all worthwhile.

If you are planning to buy a house, do some ground work and get the help of professionals to save your time and money. There are many professional home buying agents who will take the stress out of house hunting
to a considerable extent.

Searching, Short-listing and Previewing Properties

A good agent understands your requirements and will act accordingly. You might be looking for a house which is close to your work place, has good schools in the vicinity, and is near supermarkets and other
facilities like hospitals, parks or theatres.

You could be buying a property as an investment that can bring you high rentals later on, or you may be relocating for work, buying a holiday home, or looking for a small flat for your child who is joining

The agent will search for properties, shortlist the ones that suit your specific needs and even preview them on your behalf. He will also help you negotiate the price and connect you to solicitors as well as
financial advisors.

Knowledge of the Local Market

A buying agent has inside knowledge of the local property market. This in itself can save you countless trips to houses which do not match your personal or financial criteria. The agent may know of houses that
are not even in the market yet. He is also in a better position to estimate the
real value of a house. You do not want to blindly spend your hard-earned money
on a house that is not worth the asking price.

Expert Advice on Legalities and Documentation

Once you contact a reliable buying agent, the first thing you need to do is discuss your budget. Take stock of the amount of money that you have at your disposal as well the amount you need to borrow. Your buying
agent might know some reputed mortgage lenders as well.

A number of expenses like pre-sale alterations, mortgage brokerage fees, Land Registry fees, stamp duty, surveyor’s fees, documentation costs and the cost of moving in form the sum total of your purchase cost of a
property. Your buying agent can advise you on how to get the most of your hard
earned money as you spend on all these.

Buying Agents Act in Your Best Interests

A home buying agent is different from a real estate agent who works in the interest of the seller. An estate agent will make you spend more because his job is to ensure that the seller gets the highest possible
price for his property. A buying agent, on the other hand, works only for you.

The buying process becomes very easy when you have an agent who acts on your behalf to get a good property at a reasonable price, at the location you prefer and within the time frame that you specify. Contact a
reputed buying agent to leave the legwork and the stressful part of
house-buying in their expert hands.

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